Galaxy Heroes Major Update: GHC V2.1 Smart Contract Migration Commences March 18th! Here’s What the GHC Community Needs to Know.

Galaxy Heroes
4 min readMar 17, 2022


One step back, two steps forward

Looking back:

It’s been a long and arduous few months for the GHC team and community, much like the crypto community as a whole. Like true heroes the Galaxy Heroes team and community persisted, instead perceiving it simply as a setback for GHX, and an opportunity for additional improvements to be made.

Moving forward:

Acquiring an acclaimed and experienced blockchain developer, as well as a new game development team was accomplished quickly, and brings things full circle to where the project is currently. On Friday, transactions on the GHC V1 smart contract will no longer be possible, as the liquidity pool will be moved to the new smart contract. The new smart contract aims to benefit the community and lay a better foundation for future project growth.

What you need to know about V2.1

Every problem has a solution:

At Galaxy Heroes (GHC), it’s always important to the team for the community to understand as much as possible regarding the project’s goals and progress, as well as why these decisions are made. In regards to the development and implementation of the new smart contract, the V2.1 model was designed to fix the types of imbalances, vulnerabilities and growth inhibitors that stood out to the team after the previous damage to the project had taken place. Resolving and preventing these types of issues from happening again became a priority, as well as ensuring the most economic model could be developed to promote future growth.

Every solution has details:

After much deliberation between the new and veteran members of the GHC team, the following token distribution model was decided upon:

  • Total supply reduced from 1000 Trillion to 700 Trillion
  • Original burn wallet cancelled (tokens reverted)
  • Reduced transaction tax from 9% to 5% (2% LP + 3% Marketing)
  • Holders 2:1 Token Swap
  • Dev 1:1 Token Swap

This model guarantees that GHC developers have enough tokens to bolster and foster growth for the project, but most importantly to benefit the community in both the short and long term. Examples of the reasoning for this conclusion are as follows:

  • Listing on more major exchanges (requires large amounts of tokens for market making)
  • Supply liquidity for multiple cross chains (starting from CRO which will happen in the near future)
  • Providing liquidity for the new staking farm and reward pool plus new utility token (tradable)
  • Preparing for the new game that is currently in development
  • Reduces major shake ups of the price in the event of whales dumping


  • GHC V1 LP Closure: Friday 1am UTC, 18 March 2022
    Trading has officially closed for V1 on this time and date, the dev reserves no responsibility for any V1 token trades from this point forward on this smart contract. (This excludes tokens on CEX)
  • GHC V1 to V2.1 Migration: Starting Friday 1am UTC, 18 March 2022
    A snapshot will be taken of all on-chain data at this time. All V1 holders will receive airdropped tokens and can expect them to appear in their wallets early April. Holders must add the new smart contract address into their wallets to see their GHC assets.
  • V2-V2.1 Airdrop: All holders who have migrated to V2 on 19 March but not yet claimed V2.1 tokens from the Airdrop, please proceed to to claim your V2.1 tokens manually as you will not be receiving tokens from the same airdrop for the V1 holders.
  • GHC V2.1 Launch for Trading: Fri 9pm EST, 25 March 2022
  • GHC V2.1 Smart Contract Details:
    Address (BSC BEP-20):
    Name: Galaxy Heroes
    Ticker: GHC
    Decimals: 18

WARNING: If any V1 tokens were purchased after dev pulled the LP on the 18th of March (CEX tokens excluded), these wallets will be under review and may not get airdropped at all. This is to protect the safety of our holders as we have detected arbitrage during our migration period.

If your tokens are in an exchange…
No actions are required for GHC holders on our listed exchanges (CEX)!!! You should receive notifications from your CEX for any relevant information regarding your GHC spot holdings during this smart contract migration period.

Kickflip back and relax

The future of GHC grows brighter every day.

Getting closer to the moon means a lot of reflected sunlight!

The GHC team and community have formed a bond that many navigating the chaos of the cryptoverse have never had the opportunity to experience. When delivered a severe blow, despite the odds being against them, together they emerged, and now from the ashes of GHC V1 rise into the glory that is GHC V2.1! There’s always room for improvement, to learn and to grow, for both a team and a community. Yet Brian and his team’s noticeable and genuine focus on what’s best for the community as much as what’s best for the project, is one of many reasons Galaxy Heroes (GHC) has been so successful, a trend which I wouldn’t bet against!



Galaxy Heroes

Galaxy Heroes (GHC) is a superhero based cryptocurrency. Our roadmap has staking, NFTs, NFT marketplace, gamefi, metaverse and donations to space exhibits.