Galaxy Heroes Coin: BSC’s First Galactic Superhero NFTs, Explodes into the Cryptoverse with a Big Bang.

Welcome to Galaxy Heroes Coin

Published: November 30th, 2021

In the beginning there was ___

The universe is a vast and often terrifying space, but have no fear, for the galactic heroes are here! Galaxy Heroes Coin (GHC) launched on September 30th, 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC). Founder and CEO Brian Sumner, has been a crypto enthusiast since 2017. Channeling his experience and success from several projects (notably his contributing role as Global Marketing Manager in BabyDoge), he poured his innovative energy into the creation of Galaxy Heroes Coin. Community driven in the most genuine sense, holders of the GHC token and NFTs are heroically rewarded. The team embraces their strong sense of ethics, seeking to make charitable contributions to great causes such as St. Judes Children’s Hospital, victims of rugged projects, and space exploration, all while pursuing their goal as a leading BSC NFT platform. Audited by Certik, Galaxy Heroes Coin provides a safe path for all to join them on their way to the stars. Already this initial $500K market cap project has soared to heights above $100M market cap since launch.

Superheroes need super utility

Give me utility or give me death

Empowered by the ambition to create a powerhouse platform, GHC is supercharged with purposefulness, packed full of utilities and with continuous development goals as far into the future as the eye can see. It started with the development of a built in DEX thanks to OG Toby (DEX Developer), which came into effect just after the incredibly successful launch (as much as 20x for pre-sale participants). Token swapping capabilities makes accessibility to $GHC (and all other tokens added since and to come) that much simpler, being able trade directly on the Galaxy Heroes Coin website built by Lamar (Web Developer). Yield farms with strong APR figures, gives prosperous passive income potential to the those who choose to commit their tokens, with an increasing number of choices and combinations of tokens one can stake for various yield outcomes. Liquidity pools are another available avenue. Just a few weeks into the project a shocking $5 Million was staked within that short period of time, rising to a mountainous peak around $50 Million to date.

NFT marketplace live as of November 27th

On November 4th, the first launch of Galaxy Heroes NFTs offered 2500 randomly generated superheroes. These flew off the shelves, selling out in less than 30 minutes. With the collaboration of several popular and talented artists, GHC gave life to a stunning and detailed collection, with rarer and ultra rare NFTs displaying magnificent animated effects and/or backgrounds. By the 27th of November, Galaxy Heroes Coin officially deployed their NFT marketplace, where GHC NFTs can be sold and bid on through auctions. In the near future other artists will have the opportunity to sell their NFTs through the marketplace as well for a small fee. Within several days the ability for holders of Galaxy Heroes NFTs to stake them for royalty payments in the form of BNB will come to fruition, the rarest offering the highest reward pay outs. On November 30th at 9:00 P.M. EST the next batch of 2500 NFTs are set to launch, this time satisfying the eagerly awaiting fan base with the highly anticipated villain collection.

Meet the ultra rare villain “Armageddon”

Achievements here know no bounds

Galaxy Heroes Coin’s success is not just found in the quality and deployment of the team’s vision for a leading NFT project, but also in their hard work to quickly achieve huge milestones, progressing at light speed. Within three days of launch the token was already listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC). Within two weeks GHC was listed on six centralized exchanges (CEXs), and to date is listed on nearly 20, with many more listings to come including goals for giants such as Binance and Coinbase. With the team’s tireless efforts, giant leaps in progress through constant deployment of products and utilities, and Brian’s masterful marketing mechanisms, Galaxy Heroes Coin has exceeded far beyond nearly all young projects, acquiring over 50,000 holders before the end of their second month.

On the 16th of November, Galaxy Heroes Coin officially launched their ETH bridge. This is the first bridge completed in accordance with the GHC roadmap, the second bridge connecting to SOL, and the third planned for ADA. Expanding their scope to investors and collectors from multiple NFT dominant ecosystems, is preparing GHC for the ultimate power up. In the works the team is also currently developing a PVP based NFT play to earn game to add to the Galaxy Hero arsenal. The in-game NFT currency to be used for this, and future GameFi games, is Galaxy Heroes Earn ($GHE). This currency can be earned currently only through staking $GHC (and/or with $GHE once some has been earned), and down the road earned through playing. These tokens can never be bought, only earned (playing or staking) sold or traded.

GHC & ETH universes united

Not all good things must come to an end

With the continuous surge of NFTs in the crypto market, it’s often hard to find projects that go the distance, that instill a sense of future growth and value in investors and collectors alike. Many NFT projects do and will die, but heroes never die, nor shall Galaxy Heroes Coin. The future could never be brighter, and with the GHC community fueling the team’s efforts and motivation, it’s easy to see this project blasting its way to the forefront of the cryptoverse’s NFT realm, and conquering its place in the space as a top tier altcoin.

Hold onto your helmets heroes

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