An NFT Marketplace Fit for Heroes: GHC Perfects Marketplace Functionality and Prepares to Introduce NFT Staking.

Going once, going twice, sold!

Galaxy Heroes Coin’s NFT marketplace launched on November 27th. Many purchasers of their first NFT collection (Hero Collection 2500 minted) from weeks earlier, flocked to the marketplace to display their hauls and begin establishing the market value of GHC’s NFTs. Over 100 heroes from the collection were listed within a few days of the marketplace’s launching, varying anywhere between 1–100 BNB. Just days after the NFT marketplace launched, the second GHC collection of villains hit the scene, selling out the 2500 mint collection in under an hour. More than a week has passed since, and the Galaxy Heroes Coin marketplace is now filled with nearly 350 epic heroes and villains.

With the increased volume of NFTs hitting the marketplace, the team quickly went to work improving its functionality to provide a more user-friendly experience. Initially while scrolling through the marketplace page by page, if you selected an NFT to view and tried returning to the previous page afterwards, you were brought back to the beginning of the list. This issue has been resolved, which helps users view further aesthetic and attribute details without having to start over in a growing page list of NFTs, and instead can continue to browse where they left off.

A filter system has also been introduced with multiple options to help people search for NFTs more directly. There are two options in relation to price, either from high-low or low-high, with an additional filter for a minimum or maximum price in BNB. There is also the ability to search for NFTs currently being bid on, allowing someone to search for the soonest ending auction or the latest ending auction, ensuring that any currently live auctions aren’t overlooked. All auctions run for a total of 72 hours after the initial bid takes place, thereafter ending and the sale being finalized.

Change filters for desired results!

A very notable change was the listing cost for users to list their NFTs on the marketplace. Initially set at 0.1 BNB, the team realized that this cost was too high for such a young marketplace and collections, and within 24 hours of their villain collection being released, had reduced the listing cost to 0.01 BNB. This in turn certainly added to the increased number of NFTs being listed in the marketplace, which has given onlookers the opportunity to enjoy viewing many of the different hero and villain artwork and get a better idea of different potential attribute outcomes.

Aside from the listing fee, there is a 2% selling fee upon the completion of a sale on the GHC marketplace. Unlike other marketplaces where the listing and/or selling fees go directly to the developers, here they are utilized for something much more admirable. Instead of further rewarding the team, they are instead used to reward their community, specifically the purchasers and collectors of GHC NFTs. This utility is nearly finished development, which will allow those holding Galaxy Heroes Coin NFTs to stake them, and in return receive BNB rewards from the pool of listing and selling fees. The reward potential for staking one’s GHC NFTs will vary based on the rarity of those NFTs being staked, with ultra rares generating the highest reward outcomes.

To the moon, and beyond!

These additions and improvements to the marketplace have made a very big difference in functionality and navigation, and certainly have created a much more user-friendly experience as the team expected. With NFT staking imminent, the developers are once again showing their strong commitment to the community. It’s not often you see projects putting in such efforts into rewarding and enriching their community instead of themselves, but then again Galaxy Heroes Coin and it’s developers are not your average project.

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Galaxy Heroes (GHC) is a superhero based cryptocurrency. Our roadmap has staking, NFTs, NFT marketplace, gamefi, metaverse and donations to space exhibits.